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Hosting Responibilities


Please review the details listed below and make sure we are keeping up with what we promise the performers we will provide.
We are currently the biggest and best known live music management company in Second Life. We are known for our professionalism and our reliability. ALL of you are amazing and do an awesome job; none of this could happen without all your hard work. Let’s do our best to keep it this way and keep us on top.

–Prior to the Shows–

30 Minutes Before
Please send a notice in the performers group. Be sure to include the details of where the show is including an attached landmark, the dress code of the venue and the start time of the show. Please make sure you have the group permissions well in advance as there may not always be someone available to send an invite last minute.

Minimum Of 15 Minutes Before The Show
Teleport to the venue. Make contact with the people who represent the venue, either the owners or managers, and if there is a venue host, introduce yourself to them as well. Inquire if the venue needs any information such as the performers stream and if there any particular things they want the performer to mention during their show. Check in with the performer and let them know you will be their host for that show and that they are on schedule. Also, start the chat in the performers group. Hype the show and paste the venue slurl to try and start getting some people to the show. In the event you are not able to contact either the venue representatives or the performer 15 minutes prior to the show please immediately let myself, Winter or LilMissBo know so that we can contact the appropriate people.

–Start of and During the Shows–

Start Of The Show
Send another notice with all the details and paste the slurl in the group chat. Continue to hype the show and encourage and offer tp’s to the show.

Halftime Or 30 Minutes Into The Show
Send another notice announcing the show is half way over and still 30 minutes left. Include the details as before. Also, repaste the slurl in the group chat and offer to tp people to the show.

40 Minutes Into The Show
Make an announcement in nearby chat that you will be sending a group invite for the performers group to everyone. This is the best time for the mass group invite. If it is a new venue or one that you have never hosted at before please message the venue contact and ask for permission to send a mass group invite for the performers group. If they say no just say thank you and don’t send the invite. If you’re not sure how to send mass group invite to everyone at once please contact LilMissBo and she can teach you how.

End Of The Show
Thank the venue having us there and thank the crowd for attending. In the performers group, mention the performers next show date and time and, again, thank the crowd for attending.
For the time being The show count note cards are no longer required.
Please remember that the performers and the venues are our customers and they pay our paychecks. Our jobs are to make sure they have what they need to make it happen. Be sure, during the shows, to promote tipping of the venues and to thank the venue for all they do. Don’t spam or overdo it. Once or twice during a show is good.

If you have any issues prior to or during a show and don’t see anyone online, the best way to contact me is on Skype; my user name is trmoody1. If I am awake I’ll answer there. If you have any questions or clarifications please feel free to contact me 😀

Thank you again for everything you do and all of your hard work.

How to pick up shows

Please follow these instructions to be able to pick up shows and assign yourself to host them. Please remember you must be logged in to the site in order to be able to pick up shows.

Start by going to The available shows page and you will see the list of available shows that currently have no host assigned.

find the show you want to sign up for and click on it

it will open and you will see something that looks similar to this. My view is different but yours will be very similar.

open show image


On the right hand side in the top corner is a pick up shift link.Click this link  and a new page will open that looks like this.

pick up button

Click the green bar in the middle that says click here to pick up the shift and you’re done.

After you have clicked the pick up button it will notify a site admin that you have requested to work the show and waiting for it to be approved. It will remove the show from the open shows list so that no one else can pick it up. please note that the show will NOT immediately show up on your schedule. Once it has been approved by a site admin, you will receive the email letting you know if it was approved or not and then it will appear on your schedule.

You will be able to view any shows you have already been approved for by going to the My Schedule page

The Inner Room


Inner Room LOGO

You enter the lounge, the smell of cigars and alcohol invade your senses. The music vibrates through your soul as your eyes adjust to the bodily visions dancing within. This night you are thirsty for laughs, for fun, or maybe even to find yourself something a little more sinful to indulge in. The night is yours, and you will feel it come alive as you make your way to the dance floor. Who will you notice?.. who will notice you? Your presence is felt all around the room as you eye every possible opportunity to take this night to new heights.

Join us in a place of real escapes better known as The Inner Room Lounge. How far you go tonight only depending on your willingness to stimulate your own pleasurable appetite of fun.

Visit The Inner Room in Second Life

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The Keys – Key West

Key West Resort & Marina is one of the oldest live music venues of Second Life, much loved by the regular patrons and performers alike. There is live entertainment three to four times a week. For inquiries about available performer slots, please contact Liz Harley in world.