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Ororo Carnivale

Ororo has been singing to herself for a number of years. She would sometimes sing at karaoke nights, but most of the time she just sings to herself. It’s her way of getting through the day. Recently, she wanted to share the joy music brings with others. Ro has 10 years of musical instrument experience along with years in her church choir. Her vocal styling is soulful, raspy R&B meets sexy jazz. She sings old school classics, new soul ballads and long forgotten pop jams. Ororo loves to keep the sets light and fun because that’s how music makes her feel.

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Gina Stella

Gina has been playing music on sl for over ten years! Gina has a loyal fan base who will come multiple times a day just to be with her & her music, she draws and holds crowds and is poised to play at your venue soon!!

Gina embraces music and it embraces her back. This is heard in the diversity of her original and cover tunes. Her music is heartfelt, full of emotion, and you will want to hear her music over and over. “You don’t just hear her music, you feel it!”

Gina’s humor, style, grace & charm carry over to her audiences and simply mesmerizes them. With Gina, no two shows are alike. She will take requests & isn’t afraid to try a new song on the spot which totally delights her audience.

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Phi Mayo


After 9 years, Phideaux “Phi” Mayo is well known in many circles. She was even a driving force behind Martini In The Morning in SL. But while Phi has been singing her whole life, it took almost all of her first four years in SL to finally start singing on the grid.

Now , almost six years later, Phi ( rhymes with FLY ) has been cheered on by audiences loving her smooth and lyrical voice and genuine way with the American Songbook, Jazz stylings, Broadway show tunes, Blues numbers, and lost hits from the 60’s through the 80’s. Always with a crystal tone and a witty laugh, a show with A Little Mayo has something extra you will surely enjoy.
Classically trained and with very eclectic tastes, Phi also covers some newer singers with whom she finds a kinship from Katie Melua, to the late, great Eva Cassidy.

A Specialty Phi has added is Themed Sets: “Dionne Warwick”; “Cole Porter Magic”; “Love Stinks!”; “Carole King Tapestry”, “Bond..James Bond” and more!

For some special musical flavor, stop by for a some Mayo On The Side.

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Sassy Nitely

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Sassy Nitely (Barbie Horsley) is a singer/songwriter from Nashville, TN and is a true performer who engages her audience. Sassy’s shows will lead you into an unforgettable kaleidoscope of acoustic covers, original music and impromptu song productions. Her music will move you and you will be allured by her charisma and energy. Come join us and let her soul-felt voice captivate you. A Sassy Nitely performance cannot be missed.

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Sassy’s real life band … My july

      Mercedes Benz ( live cover ) - Barbie Horsley ( Sassy Nitely )


Born and raised in Georgia/USA, at the age of 36, Raven has been a stage performer since the age of 6. With a wide variety of genres, Raven has a voice and character that will make your heart sing. Some of her Real Life experience includes 30 years of musical stage performances, both solo and with various well-known artists. She is a live singer in Real Life, as well as Second Life.
Raven loves to take you out of your comfort zone with the types of music she performs. Most of her live singing events are very up close and personal. She is also an “Unplugged” type performer. Her style will reach out to wide varieties of crowds all in one performance. Raven is not tied down to any one specific genre.

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Harper Messmer

Harper Messmer is back! Ever since his debut in July 2007, Harper has become one of the premier artists in Second Life. He performs a wide variety of music, including the likes of Ed Sheeran, Imagine Dragons, Jason Mraz, John Mayer, and much more! There is no doubt that you will enjoy Harper Messmer’s unique acoustic sound and vocals. Like Harper on Facebook and follow him on Twitter!

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      1,2,3,4 ( live cover ) - Harper Messmer




Keeba Tammas

Keeba Tammas streams from the Midwest and serves up an extremely eclectic repertoire of music: jazz, blues, rock, pop, disco, punk, folk…

“At the age of four my mother plopped me on a stage, at the age of 15, I began recording voices for cartoon and commercial work. I put myself through college by recording jingles,traveling the country performing at fairs, malls, and amusement parks I spent the 80’s singing lead in bands. Real Life called me away from music but now this amazing world we call Second Life gives me the opportunity to perform once again”.

With my husband’s help I have created the vast majority of tracks I use and those that are not my own have been “enthusiastically tweaked”. I have been performing in SL since 2007 and most recently have been performing with my backup band, “The Tiny Maniacs” ! Actually, I am starting to wonder if they perform with me–or I perform with them!! I invite you to watch my descent into dementia!

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DirtyDee Sweetwater

DirtyDee Sweetwater has been around sl for a long time, but has recently returned with a new sound, adding a looper to his repertoire. He has made his sound available to a new audience in Second Life, so demand is growing for more DD.

He is an engaging performer that leaves the audience having a great time and laughing from his double entendres. Musically talented, charismatic and easy to work with, DirtyDee Sweetwater offers a performance guaranteed to satisfy.

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      Pumped Up Kicks ( live cover ) - DirtyDee Sweetwater ( Eric Sweetwater )

Toxic ‘Toxie’ Darkmatter

What started as a bit of a joke with her performer friends, turned into a new outlet for her “musical therapy.” With a collection of music that’s a blend of classic to contemporary, sweet to naughty, Toxie has a rich, sultry voice that can shift gears and really soar. Enjoy jazz? Blues? Rock? A little pop maybe? Check out her song list and bring your requests, be ready to sing along, and let Toxie show you just how much she loves the music she shares.

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      Home ( live cover ) - Toxic Darkmatter

Greg Kat

In the world of solo acoustic performers GregKat24 is somewhat of a musical chameleon. Performing well over 1000 RL shows at many diverse venues ranging from college nooners, orientations, and night shows to major resorts as well as headlining club shows and opening for National acts in his native Pittsburgh, PA, he is as comfortable in front of thirty people as he is in front of three hundred or three thousand!

Greg’s solo acoustic show combines intoxicating party rock from the “big 80’s” Hot modern rock from the 90’s and today and enough classic tracks to keep everyone happy. With charm & musicianship Greg uses every trick (fair & unfair) to get the crowd joining in, singing along, and (God forbid) having fun! He is totally audience fueled, leaving plenty of room for requests and guaranteeing that on two show are ever alike!

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