Maxx Sabertooth

Maxx’s career in music began in Oklahoma at the age of 8 when he picked up his first trumpet. He has played in a variety of Jazz/Dance Bands through the years and has performed in a wide variety of RL venues, as well as doing solo performances. Twenty plus years ago, Maxx turned strictly vocalist when he began singing while helping another band member learn a song. He hasn’t stopped since! You can hear and feel Maxx’s love of music in every note he sings. Maxx came to SL in 2009, began singing in late April and has quickly become one of the most desired performers in SL.

Maxx Sabretooth sings a variety of styles specializing in R&B, Soul, Country, Pop, Lite Rock, Jazz, Motown as well as Contemporary Country. Maxx will bring you familiar songs in his own bluzey voice and will leave you wanting more!
Maxx is managed by Vargas Entertainment. For booking inquiries please contact Kat Vargas
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