Ororo Carnivale



Performer Biography and Booking Information



All bookings are subject to performer availability and approval. Performances are not considered confirmed until you receive a note card from Whispering Sands Live Promotions in Second Life indicating the show has been confirmed.


All payments should be made directly to the performer when they arrive for the scheduled performance. Payment is expected in the form of lindens for the amount indicated for the show(s) being booked.


Ororo has been singing to herself for a number of years. She would sometimes sing at karaoke nights, but most of the time she just sings to herself. It’s her way of getting through the day. Recently, she wanted to share the joy music brings with others. Ro has 10 years of musical instrument experience along with years in her church choir. Her vocal styling is soulful, raspy R&B meets sexy jazz. She sings old school classics, new soul ballads and long forgotten pop jams. Ororo loves to keep the sets light and fun because that’s how music makes her feel.